5 February

Information on 2021 Festival Sent Out

8 February

Stage 1 Applications Open

19 February

Stage 1 Applications Close

22 February

Stage 2 Applications Open

19 March

Stage 2 Applications Close

10 June – 25 June

Sydney North Dance Festival

Our Mission

Inclusivity – this committee aims to serve students of all ages, genders, dance experience, teachers and schools across our region.

A reflection of the ethos and standards of public education – with particular reference to age-appropriate and gender-appropriate values.

An understanding of Dance as a performing art – within the curriculum, guided by the spirit and fundamentals of the K-to-12 Dance syllabuses.

An appreciation for the collaborative endeavour – of students, teachers and parents in experiencing learning in Dance and realising and presenting Dance performances.

An aspiration for excellence – in all aspects of teaching and learning, performance and production.

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