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Our purpose is to facilitate and support the Teaching and Learning of Dance (as defined and described in DoE curriculum documents) and Dance Performance in the Public Schools of Sydney North.

The principles which underpin this purpose are –


Inclusivity - this committee aims to serve students of all ages, genders, dance experience, teachers and schools across our region

A reflection of the ethos and standards of public education - with particular reference to age-appropriate and gender-appropriate values

An understanding of Dance as a performing art - within the curriculum, guided by the spirit and fundamentals of the K-to-12 Dance syllabuses

An appreciation for the collaborative endeavour - of students, teachers and parents in experiencing learning in Dance and realising and presenting Dance performances

An aspiration for excellence - in all aspects of teaching and learning, performance and production.

The Committee meets numerous times throughout the year and we welcome new teachers to our team. For more information on meeting dates and venues, please contact Kim Peade - kimberley.peade@det.nsw.edu.au.


Office Bearers 2018

Patron - Susan Wyatt (Principal, Mosman High School)
Chairperson - Clare Goetze (Mackellar Girls Campus) 
Deputy Chairperson/s - Glynis Cochrane (Retired), Joanna Leto (Mosman HS)
Secretary - Kim Peade (Ret.)
Treasurer - Lesley Cruickshank (Ret.)
Executive Members - Jane Antrim (Roseville PS), Sue Brandenburg (Ret.), Tamara Mitchell (Riverside Girls HS)
Festival Coordinator - Sue Brandenburg 


Important Dates

2019 SNPS Dance Festival


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2019 Dance Festival Symposium #2


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