Festival Information

Final Information Package

Schools who have auditioned successfully for the 2021 have now been informed. They should have received our Final Information Package which details everything schools need to know about how this year’s Festival will run. It is imperative that all teachers involved read through this package carefully as there are numerous important changes we have had to make, to ensure we are utilising COVID-19 preventative measures. Click on the link below to upload this package.

Filming & Screening Schedule

Parents and teachers are able to access the schedule to find out when their school will be attending their Filming/Performance Session and then when their item will be screened. All items will be screened on three separate dates. Click on the link below to access this information.

Festival Dates

Thursday, June 10 ~ 2021 Festival Opens

Friday, June 25 ~ 2021 Festival Concludes

2021 Festival Hoodies

You can purchase your 2021 Festival Hoodie from Unison Design’s website by clicking this link:

http://snpsdance.unisondesigns.com.au and put in the password: 2021dance (dance is all lowercase).